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Video of the Hail Storm In Counsil Bluffs

Video of the Hail Storm In Counsil Bluffs
Video of the Hail Storm In Counsil Bluffs

Hail Storm in Counsil Bluffs, IA on August 18th, 2011

Hail Damage and Insurance Companies

Hail storm in Counsil Bluffs, IA (August 18th, 2011).  Hail damage to homes and property can become quite expensive for property owners who settle an insurance claim without knowing the full extent of the damage. Sure the insurance companies will send out thier “qualified” adjuster. “Qualified” they may be, but when it comes to your property, which is one of your most valuable assets, you might consider a second opinion from a third-party source who is interested in representing you and not the insurance company. The fact is that some insurance claim adjusters are not telling the whole story about the damages to your home or property. Whether it is from inexperience, oversight, or just plain unscrupulous business practices, homeowners often get the short-end of the claim. That was the

You should consider hiring a certified public adjuster. A public adjuster represents the insured and not the insurance companies. Public adjusters are educated in helping homeowners and property owners maximize their claim settlements with the insurance companies. This is because they are trained to spot damages that are more than just superficial damages to a structure.

Take Randell Smith, State Public Adjuster, for example. Randell has decades of experience in the construction industry and has taken part in just about every trade from the foundation up. Having worked in these industries for years, Randell is able to spot any inconsistencies in the construction of a property that resulted from storm damage.

As a public adjuster, Randell Smith takes a great deal of pride in meticulously reporting the extent of damage to a property owner and then representing the property owners damages to insurance companies to help the insured get a fair settlement on their insurance claim.

How do I know if I have hail damage from the storm?

Hail Damaged Roof Hail Storm In Counsil BluffsBased on the video above (Hail Storm In Counsil Bluffs), if hail struck your home or property, chances are that you have hail storm damage. Randell has produced an article that shows some of the tale-tale signs of hail damage. After reading the article entitled, “Hail Damage” you will be confident that you have a fair claim and are in need of representation. Randell can help.

State Public Adjuster Randell Smith proudly serves Iowa and would like to extend his services to the residents, business owners and property owners of Counsil Bluffs. Please feel free to contact Randell with your questions.

Randell would like to help you get the most on your insurance claim. Randell is your advocate for fair claims settlement. If you were affected by the hail storm in Counsil Bluffs then you should give us a call.

Contact Randell Smith for your Hail Storm in Counsil Bluffs claims. 

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