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Hurricane Irene Storm Path

Hurricane Irene Storm Path
Hurricane Irene Storm Path

Hurricane Irene Storm Path

Hurricane Irene Storm PathAs Hurricane Irene begins its wrath on the Eastern United States the Hurricane Irene Storm Path appears most ominous. Hurrican Irene will impact the eastern portions of the Mid-Atlantic and New England over the weekend leaving destruction in its wake. The hurricane damage this storm is expected to bring includes, excessive rainfall and damaging winds and extreme storm surges.

With 29 million people under Hurricane warning and a first ever mandatory  evacuation of NY City, preparations are in full swing to insure that emergency services are prepared to support the effected communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Millions of Americans are preparing for the worst by stocking up on supplies and boarding up their homes.  In 1821 a hurricane hit NY City that if duplicated could cause major infrastructure damage including the mass transit systems.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous intial threats is tornado damage associated with winds coming off the the North Western quadrant of the hurricane mass. There is a 60% chance of tornados affecting the Carolinas reducing as the storm makes landfall. Although the category of the hurricane has changed, a category two or category three storm means trouble for anyone in the Hurricane Irene storm path. Another issue that Hurricane Irene storm path carries with it is the possibility of flood damage.

Tips for Hurricane Preparation

In preparation for those in the  Hurricane Irene storm path here is a checklist of things that you should consider having before, during, and for after the storm.

Remember these critical points:

1 – Get a minimum 3 day, or better still; 2-Week supply of these emergency necessities.
2 – Make your “Hurricane Kit” portable if you live in an evacuation area.
3 – Don’t forget special supplies for babies, the elderly and dependent persons.
4 – Store clean up and repair supplies in your safe room.

Prepitoration for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* Full Fuel Tank in the car
* “Car Kit” inc.; tire patch or “fix-a-flat”, blankets, shovel, tow rope, etc. * Full Gas Tank for the Grill
* Bleach (without lemon or additives) 1 drop per 1 pint (8 per Gal.) of water to purify
* Extra Cans of gas & oil (careful!)
* Fire Extinguisher (ABC rated, the bigger the better … or better still; several)
* Turn refrigerator to coldest setting and keep door opening to a minimum
* Water Purification tablets
* Water Jugs, 7 gallons of water per person
* Ice & lots of it! (freeze 1 or 2 liter soda bottles, 3/4 full, to drink later )
* Lower TV and other antennas
* Remove outdoor furniture

Personal Needs for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* Change of clothes (at least 1 set for everyone in the family)
* lots of extra socks
* Flashlights (one for everyone in the family)
* Blankets, pillows
* Sleeping bags
* Soap, shampoo & toiletries

Papers to remember for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* Personal Identification (drivers license, passport, etc.)
* Important Papers
* Insurance information
* Cash, credit cards
* Other valuable papers
* Stocks, bonds, incorporation or other company papers
* Family Photos / heirlooms
* Take video of your home and the contents (you may need them for insurance purposes)
* If you can’t take your computer remove your hard drive and store it in a waterproof container (you can’t replace photos on your computer if your hard drive is destroyed)
Medical considerations for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* Personal Medicines & prescriptions, extra refills. Enough for 2 weeks
* Extra Glasses or contact lenses
* Eyeglass repair kit
* First Aid Kit and Manual
(If you are not buying a commercial First Aid kit, for a good list see: Uncle Dave’s First Aid kit.
or contact The Red Cross at:, Emergency Management, or your doctor.)

Food (must be “non-perishable) for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* More Water
* Eat perishable food right after the storm (meats, cold cuts, etc. within 48 hours or until they warm up)
* Canned and dry food (put dried food in zip lock bags)
* Sandwich Makings (peanut butter & jelly, cheese spreads, crackers)
* Snacks (nuts, dried fruit, potato / corn chips … low salt)
* Non-electric can opener
* Pots and Pans
* Portable cooler (the 12v condensing kind are great)
* Cooler, for water and ice
* Eating and cooking utensils
* Sponges & Paper Towels
* Aluminum foil and / or plastic wrap
* Emergency cooking facilities (grill or camp stove)

Special Needs for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* Baby food, diapers & formula
* Toys (to occupy the children)
* Extra pet food (don’t take your pet to any shelter!!)

Misc. items for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* Battery-operated radio and / or TV
* Weather band radio
* Alarm clock (wind up or battery operated)
* Batteries spare for all your TV, radios, flashlights, etc.
* Cards or a board game
* Camping lantern (electric or gas)
* Butane lighter and matches
* Pocket knife / scissors * Needle & thread * Toilet paper & towelettes
* Cellular phone (service will be off similar to your reg. phone, but it’s an alternative)

Clean Up Considerations for  those in the Hurricane Irene Storm Path
* Gloves and goggles (for clean up)
* Heavy Shoes
* long sleeved shirt
* Bug spray / insect repellent

After the Storm We Are Here To Help

State Public Adjuster, Randell Smith is here to help. As a public adjuster Randell works with property owners to help them get the most on their insurance claims in a fair claims settlement. If you are interested in learning more about what public adjusters do check out Randell Smith, State Public Adjuster represents the insured, not the insurance company. Please contact us with any questions that you might have.

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