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Insurance claims in Craven County North Carolina

Insurance claims in Craven County North Carolina
Insurance claims in Craven County North Carolina

Public Adjuster Craven County, NC

Hurricane Irene 2011 State Public Adjuster Randell SmithInsurance claims in Craven County North Carolina begin to mount as residents begin the arduous task of putting the pieces together in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

Hurricane Irene made second U.S. landfall near Little Egg Inlet in New Jersey the morning of August 28, becoming the first hurricane to make landfall in the state since 1903. Irene was downgraded to a tropical storm as it made its third U.S. landfall in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, New York, at approximately 9:00 a.m on August 28. Considerable damage occurred in the Catskill Mountains and Mohawk Valley of New York State and inVermont, which suffered from the worst flooding in centuries.

Throughout its path, Irene caused widespread destruction and at least 55 deaths; monetary losses in the Caribbean could be as high as US$3.1 billion according to preliminary estimates.Early hurricane damage estimates in the U.S. are about $7 billion.

Because of the size of the storm several states were effected. In North Carolina, residents recieved considerable storm damage resulting from Hurricane Irene.

Insurance Claims in Craven County North Carolina

In Craven County North Carolina 46% of the county experienced power outages. Debris from the storm made travel on some secondary roads difficult. While estimated damages from the storm continue to rise, residents of Craven County, NC. are calling on insurance companies and finding out that not all insurance companies are willing to settle for the amounts necessary to cover complete repair costs. Randell Smith is a public adjuster serving Jones County North Carolina.

Randell works for the insured, not the insurance companies to give a more detailed assessment of damages to homes and properties impacted by Hurricane Irene. Randell then represents the insured to the insurance companies to get more money on insurance claims in Craven County North Carolina. When you want an equitable resolution to your insurance claim, you need a public adjuster. Public adjusters generally get paid on a percentage of what they are able to negotiate with the insurance companies based on their findings. In essence, a public adjuster has skin in the game and works to get a fair insurance claim settlement.

Randell Smith, State Public Adjuster, has decades of experience in all facets of construction and is more capable of recognizing inconsistencies in your home or structure that your insurance company adjuster might overlook. Your home and property are one of your most valuable assests. Doesn’t it make sense to have a second opinion on what damages might have occured to your home or property? Considering that the public adjuster is not on the payroll of the insurance company it stands to reason that they will give a more unbiassed assessment of damages and lean towards getting you more money on your insurance claim.

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