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Public Adjuster Hurrican Irene

Public Adjuster Hurrican Irene
Public Adjuster Hurrican Irene

Public Adjuster Hurricane Irene 2011

Public Adjuster Hurricane Irene 2011 State Public Adjuster Randell SmithPublic Adjuster Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast like a hammer and left behind lost lives, billions of dollars in damage, and good people to pick up the pieces. Hurricane Irene also has brought out public adjusters in full force. This is a good thing! Randell Smith, Public Adjuster Hurricane Irene , is one such public adjuster. Public adjusters serve the insured and not the insurance companies. When it comes to getting a fair claim settlement it is good to have a public adjuster on your side to help you get more on your insurance claim settlement than the insurance companies would normally pay out.

Here is how it works.

Your property is damaged by hurricane force winds, debris, flood damage, or tornado damage. You file a claim with your insurance company and your insurance company sends out one of their adjusters to take a look at the damage. While the insurance adjuster may claim to be independent, they have a solid working relationship with the insurance company. They make their assessment of the damages, file their reports with the insurance company and the insurance company comes back with what they are willing to pay for the damages your property has sustained. Often times though, this is not enough to cover the full extent of the damages and you end up not only paying your deductible, but you end up shelling out of pocket expenses to cover a large portion of the damages. While this is not the case every time, it certainly happens more often than not.

Do I have the right to hire a public adjuster?

You have the right to hire anyone you want to inspect your home. Look at it like going to the doctor. If a doctor tells you that you are perfectly healthy and that there is nothing wrong with you, and yet you feel miserable and know something is definately wrong, wouldn’t you get a second opinion? When you hire a public adjuster, they will give you that second opinion about the health of your property.

So what is the difference?

A public adjuster has a vested interest in getting you more on your insurance claim. First of all they generally get paid a percentage of what they get for you above and beyond what the insurance company is willing to pay. But more importantly, they represent you the insured, and not the insurance company. As a public adjuster and your representative, they carefully inspect your home for damages that insurance adjusters may overlook. They educate the insured on the real damages to the home or structure and advise them as to what they can expect to be repaired.

Are all public adjusters equal?

Most public adjusters are in it to help the insured get equitable resolution to their insurance claims. The difference is the experience of the public adjuster you hire. If you have had storm damages you want to make sure that you hire a public adjuster who is experienced in adjusting, inspection and various facets of construction. Adjusters are required to pass state examinations that give them the right to practice in various states and munincipalities. But not every adjuster has equal experience or background in accessing damage to property. You need a public adjuster who has an eye for proper construction.

Do I have hire a public adjuster that lives in my state?

Not at all. In fact most public adjusters are licensed in multiple states. Mother nature does not just live in one place! It is best to look at a public adjusters business as a national business. Like the insurance companies, they have to cover multiple states so that they can serve their clients wherever storm damages occur. The best thing to look for in a public adjuster is experience. The more states a public adjuster covers the greater liklihood that they have experience in all kinds of storm damage. This benefits you immensley.

You need State Public Adjuster Randell Smith!

Randell Smith Public Adjuster Hurricane Irene is at your service. Randell has decades of experience in all facets of construction and can easily spot discrepencies in the story the insurance adjuster reports. Because of Randells experience in construction, he is able to discern areas of your home that have been damaged by storms like Hurricane Irene and what has occured naturally as wear and tear over time. Randell can point out things about your roof and shingles that roofing companies don’t even think to look for. Even at a glance it may appear that your home has not sustained any damages. But don’t fool yourself, if your house or property was in the path of Hurricane Irene, chances are good there were some damages. Randell can point out things that many inspectors overlook. Face it, not every inspector has the kind of experience a seasoned veteran like Randell Smith has. Randell will go over every inch of your property with a fine toothed comb and use instruments that look like they came out of an episode of Star Trek to assess your damage and paint a clear picture of any structural or underlying damage that has occured to your home as a result of Hurricane Irene.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Public Adjuster?

Randell will give you a free consultation and will not accept any payment unless he is able to settle your insurance claim. Powerful testimony after testimony point to the fact that a public adjuster is able to get you more on your insurance claim settlement than the insurance company is usually willing to offer. But to answer your question more succinctly, public adjusters generally get paid a tenth of what they are able to settle for above and beyond what the insurance companies are willing to pay.

How Can I Contact Randell Smith, State Public Adjuster?

That is the easy part. You can fill out our contact form, or call us directly at (713) 522-9463. Thank you for considering Public Adjuster Hurricane Irene Randell Smith to represent your claim!

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