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When you have an insurance claim in the State of Texas and want to get fair representation and a fair insurance claim settlement you need the services of Texas State Public Adjuster Randell Smith. Randell Smith, is a public adjuster that works with policyholders to maximize their insurance claim settlements. Because Randell takes his time to carefully investigate “real damages” to your home or property, you can rest assured that nothing will be left out of your claim. Unlike inexperienced insurance adjusters, Randell has decades of experience in many facets of construction and can easily pin-point damages to your dwelling or business. Randell represents “You” the policyholder and not the insurance companies. So you can count on a favorable inspection of your property. Randell can work with the policyholder to explain what the insurance companies will likely cover and what they most likely won’t and then will take your claim and represent you to your insurance company to help you get what is right. If mediation must take place Randell will represent your case as an expert in his industry. If necessary, Randell can help secure legal representation to prevent the insurance companies from paying out less than what is right and fair on your insurance claim settlement.

Texas State Public Adjuster, Randell Smith Proudly Serving the State of Texas

Licenced in the State of Texas as a public adjuster and a resident of the great State of Texas, Randell Smith has been serving Texans for decades to offer the very best public adjuster services. Whether you have been affected by the recent fire storms in Texas, a victim of a tornado, flood, hail storm or hurricane, Randell Smith can help you get the most from your insurance claim settlement. Randell serves all major metro areas and rural areas in the State of Texas. Texas State Public Adjuster, Randell Smith, is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with support in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, Amarillo, Corpus Christi and other satellite support offices.

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Texas State Public Adjuster Randell Smith

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