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Wind Damage Hits Southern California

Wind Damage Hits Southern California
Wind Damage Hits Southern California

High Winds Hit Southern California Causing Extensive Wind Damage

High Wind Damages Souther California Homes

According to the National Weather Service, high winds hit Southern California and caused wind damage to property knocking out power to hundreds of thousands and bringing wind gusts of 123 mp. The winds affected many states causing intense wind damage; however, California was the hardest hit.

Over 330,000 utility customers were still without power as late as Thursday of this week. Utility companies worked frantically to bring power to the residents affected by wind damage from the recent storm.

Local Businesses Respond

One owner of a local tree service stated, “Looks like business is going to be good for us, it is a shame that it comes at the cost of so many people.”

Roofing companies are equally ready to take on the influx of business that will result from the recents storms and ensuing wind damage. One roofing company spokesman said, “Even if your shingles do not appear to be missing from your home you could still have extensive wind damage and should have a public adjuster out to inspect your property. High winds cause the shingles to blow back like hinges and when the storm is over, the broken shingles just lay back down. You would never know that you have thousands of dollars worth of damage until the damage becomes apparent due to leaks and other secondary damages.”

Wind Damage and Insurance

Insurance adjusters from some of the many local carriers have been out in full force to assess damages and take claims from policy holders affected by wind damage in California. Of course the insurance companies are not as optimistic about the recents storms as most of the contractors and businesses who specialize in wind damage repairs. The adjusters from the insurance companies are doing their best to minimize the damages in the interest of the companies they work for.

Wind Damage and Public Adjusters

Public adjuster, Randell Smith, warns homeowners to be careful about settling for what the insurance companies offer before having a second opinion. Randell Smith, who has helped thousands of policy holders get the more on their insurance claims from wind damage and other storm related damages, states, “Whenever you have had a storm of this magnitude, you need to have someone that is not on the payroll of your insurance company to inspect your property damages.” Randell also noted, “We have gone in after many hurricanes and done follow up inspections on homes and determined additional monies that were avaialable to the homeowner that the insurance company representatives either failed to notice or just did not add to the claim to save the insurance company money.” While this is not the official position of the insurance company it is not an uncommon practice for those who are writing the claims and have an interest in making sure that the insurance companies have to pay out as little as possible.

Hiring A Public Adjuster For Wind Damage

As repairs to wind damaged property begins to peak, the contractors who are doing the jobs are limited to what they can do by what the insurance companies are willing to pay the insured. After the initial assessment is made by the contractor, many time the policy holder is shocked to discover that the insurance company is only willing to cover part of the damages. The insured is left to settle for only partial repairs and the contractor misses out on the potential business of doing the full and neccesary repairs.

Many homeowners do not realize that it is not too late to contact a public adjuster. The fact is, homeowners may be able to get more on a settlement even after the claim has been filed and payed out.  Homeowners are also under the assumption that they have to use their insurance companys’ adjuster to give the final say on what the actual damages are. The fact is that homeowners have the right to choose whomever they wish to inspect the damages and file the claim.

Business owners can also benefit from the use of a public adjuster for their wind damage claims. Many times the damages for business properties are more costly than residential properties. This is all the more reason for businesses to contact and utilize the services of a public adjuster.

Public adjusters are independent from the insurnace companies. They work for the policy holder and not the insurance companies. They have a vested interest in helping you get more on your insurance claim. Public Adjusters are paid on a percentage of what they get for you above and beyond what the insurance companies are willing to pay.

Wind Damage Public Adjuster Information

For more information about hiring a public adjuster to assess your damages and represent your claim give Randell Smith, Public Adjuster, a call today! Randell can also be reached via his contact form on his website.

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