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Did you know that hiring a public adjuster after you suspect storm damage can improve your chances of getting a better fair claim settlement than if you deal directly with your insurance company?

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Helping You Get More On Your Insurance Settlement

Most people have not heard of a public adjuster. Simply put, a public adjuster helps homeowners get fair claims settlements and represents the insured and not the insurance company. We help you by representing you to your insurance company. It is our desire to work for you, the insured, at your time of loss. We wish to provide you with the most professional loss consulting, insurance adjusting and appraisal service available.

I Just Want A Fair Claim Settlement

Most people are not out to milk an insurance claim they just want things brought back to normal; they want peace of mind. This is why they purchased that homeowners insurance policy to begin with: to get the peace of mind that they paid for in the event of an unforseen incedent occurs. When we say that we can get you more on your insurance claim be sure that we are not out to squeeze the insurance company (although some of them need a good squeezing). The fact is that many insurance companies will under-value the “real cost” of repairs. State Public Adjuster is an expert in getting reparations for real damages. In short we are not “Robin Hood”, but we are experts at helping our clients get fair insurance claim settlements for real damages. We won’t let you get taken advantage of. We represent you the homeowner! We help our clients get a fair insurance claim settlement by acting on their behalf.

We Want To Represent You On Your Claim

We want to represent you to your insurance company to ensure that you get the most equitable and fair claim settlement. Our company is based upon loyalty, honesty and integrity. We collect no money until you are paid by your insurance company. Call today to schedule a free consultation for the following types of claims:

The fact is that many homeowners don’t file claims that they have a legitimate right to. Often times they don’t realize that they have actual damages, or they may believe that the damages to thier home are merely superficial. The problem is that while some home damages from storm or other agents often have unforeseen collateral damages that are not apparent to the untrained eye. If you have had any kind of damage (no matter how insignificant it may appear) you should call an adjuster to see if a claim is warranted. It is a free consultation and if there is nothing there to claim a public adjuster will generally let you know. If, however, there are real damages then you want to get the fair claim settlement you deserve. Afterall, you have been paying your insurance for instances like these. The problem that most home owners face is the fact that many times they will file a claim and still not get a fair settlement.

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