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2015 Hurricane Season Forecast

2015 Hurricane Season Forecast
2015 Hurricane Season Forecast

2015 Hurricane Season Forecast

NOAA’s Atlantic hurricane season forecast agrees with earlier forecasts models of the 2015 season which has fewer named storms than previous.

NOAA, released its final forecast update of the season on  Thursday, which calls for a 90% likelihood of:

  • 6-10 actual named storms
  • 1-4 of which could likely become hurricanes
  • 0-1 of which would could become major hurricanes

This is below the 30-year average of twelve named storms, six hurricanes and three major hurricanes.

NOAA also noted the record low number of Atlantic hurricanes in any season is two in both 2013 and  in 1982.

2015 Hurricane Season Forecast from the Weather Channel
According to the Weather Channel, the “Numbers of Atlantic Basin named storms, those that attain at least tropical storm strength, hurricanes, and hurricanes of Category 3 intensity forecast by The Weather Channel (right column), NOAA (second from right column) and Colorado State University (second from left column) compared to the 30-year average (left column). “

Colorado State University’s (CSU) forecast update issued Aug. 4 calls for a season total of eight named storms, including two hurricanes, one of which is predicted to attain major hurricane status.

According to the Colorado experts:

“We remain rather bearish on the season as a whole,” said meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford of The Weather Channel Professional Division in a mid-July outlook. “The behavior of the Atlantic hurricane season thus far is going generally as planned.”

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