When it is all said and done, the property damages alone are estimated to be in the billions of dollars as the 4th largest metro in America had become the victim of a deluge of historic proportion.

With property damage comes the insurance claims. While many do not have flood insurance there will likely be assistance through FEMA as this storm has been upgraded to a federal disaster. Still, those who may not have flood insurance, there may still be a remedy for wind damage, hail damage, and flying debris, and horizontal rain damage as the winds in some places were in excess of 100mph.

If you were in the path of Hurricane Harvey, or the now downgraded tropical storm Harvey, you may be entitled to compensation from your insurance company for real damages to your home or property. If you have never heard of a public adjuster, this article is for you.

A public adjuster works for the homeowner and not the insurance company. There are two entities that can represent you legally to your insurance company: a public adjuster and an attorney. A public adjuster works for a percentage of what they are able to get for your settlement above and beyond what your insurance company offers. The best suggestion is to contact a public adjuster prior to making your claim. A qualified public adjuster can evaluate your property for real damages is astute at finding damages that your insurance company adjuster may “conveniently” overlook.

Randy Smith, A Public Adjuster Group, is licensed in Texas and has over 30 years of construction experience. This gives him an acute eye for seeing real damages that have been caused by the storm. As a public adjuster Randy and his team have experience in settling claims with some of the most stubborn insurance companies. In some cases a public adjuster can get you up to 750% more on your claim than what you could get on your own.

Here is a real testimony from a satisfied client:

When Randy told me I had roof damage, at first I was skeptical, so he said, “Look…do you see that sheen on your roof? That is where the wind has blown the shingle particles (not sure what you call them, Randy had a technical name for it I just don’t remember) completely off the shingle.” He pulled a ladder off his truck and said, “follow me.” We got up on the roof and he pointed to the gutters. The gutters were full of the particles. He then showed me where the wind had blown the shingles so hard they bent and cracked. Of course when the wind died, the shingles laid back down, but sure enough, there were the cracks, indicative of the wind damage. So Randy advised us to go ahead and make the claim to our company. We did. They came back with a settlement which would have covered about 1/4 of the roof. We contacted Randy and gave him the news. He said, “Watch this.” A few months went by and we got a call to meet a gentleman who had a check for us. We were shocked. Not only did we get enough after his fees and attorney fees to cover the cost of the entire roof, but we had enough to repair our fence which had been blown down by the storm and make some repairs to the inside of our home! If anything like this ever happens again, you know who we will be calling. In fact, I tell everyone I know about A Public Adjuster Group. They are really good at what they do.

-Nick Covanes

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It is always good to get a second opinion. Keep in mind that the insurance company is concerned about their bottom line. A Public Adjuster is concerned with getting you fair compensation for real damages and are paid in accordance to what they get for you above and beyond as their compensation is tied to that number. It just makes sense to call a public adjuster after any major storm, even if you don’t know whether real damages exist. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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If you have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey our thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours!