In the United States alone the first half of 2016 was devastating. Economic losses were up to $17 Billion dollars, $5 billion dollars over the previous year. Out of these statistics only $8 Billion were insured losses. Across the globe the total losses were $70 Billion. With these numbers in focus we see that the United States was responsible for nearly a quarter of the losses in the first half of 2016! In Texas, specifically, $12.3 Billion dollars of damages came from the result of hail storms in Dallas and San Antonio areas and the recent severe flooding that hit the Houston Metro area.

While the first half of the year showed us significant rise in damages, Texas was fortunate in that we have seen 50% fewer tornadoes this year over the same period last year. The average number of tornados annually is roughly 1000 annually. This year the southern states have seen only 700.

With the El Nino storms breaking way for the La Nina storms we could very well see a shift in the weather patterns making conditions ripe for hurricanes in the North Atlantic.

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