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Hurricane Preparedness Tips

When it comes to dealing with real damages to your property due to a storm, fire, or other disaster; whether it is partial damage or the total loss of your home, dealing with your insurance company can be a long and arduous process. At the end of the claims process...

Storms in First Half of 2016 Increase Losses

Storms in First Half of 2016 Increase Losses

In the United States alone the first half of 2016 was devastating. Economic losses were up to $17 Billion dollars, $5 billion dollars over the previous year. Out of these statistics only $8 Billion were insured losses. Across the globe the total losses were $70...

Public Adjuster Public Awareness

Please share this with everyone you know! You may not need our services now, but statistically speaking the average homeowner files a homeowners insurance claim at least once every 10 years, according to insurance company underwriters’ studies. Being armed with...

Putting Hurricane Harvey Into Perspective

Hurricanes are simply a part of life if you live in the Southern United States. In fact, Texas has been the target of many of the most notable storms in American History. Hurricane Harvey won’t be the last, but it is already being touted as one of the largest storms...

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