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Tornado Damage Dallas Texas Insurance Claims

Tornado Damage Dallas Texas Insurance Claims
Tornado Damage Dallas Texas Insurance Claims

Dallas Tornado Public Service Announcement

Tornado damage Dallas Texas

Dallas Tornado Public Service Announcement

BURLESON, Texas –  Major Tornado activety in Burleson, Texas near the Dallas, Fort Worth area ripped  through the community and caused major structural damage to roof, buildings, and vehicles. According to the National Weather Service, there were at least two siting of larger class tornadoes and smaller twisters that spawned violent weather throughout the DFW area. While there is currently no official news on injuries related to the storms, we will report what we discover as news surrounding the event unfolds. The Dallas Tornado will be covered extensively by State Public Adjuster  and updated frequently.

According to Fox News:

Footage from highway video cameras showed a large, dark funnel cloud moving on the ground not far from a major interstate early Tuesday afternoon. The Dallas Tornado crumpled orange tractor trailers were later visible in a Dallas County parking lot, as well as flattened trailers along the sides of highways and access roads.

In one Dallas County neighborhood, local television footage showed homes without roofs while other buildings were flattened. Plywood was strewn on the grass and on top of buildings. Residents could be seen walking down the street with firefighters and peering into homes, looking at the damage after the Dallas Tornado storms passed.

The Dallas tornado pushed cars into fences and toppled trees over. Branches and limbs were scattered across lawns and in the streets. A tow-behind RV was torn apart and crumpled in a driveway where part of a roof of the home was torn off.

Other official statements included those from various local authorities including Dallas County, the Dallas Police Department, Dallas Lancaster  & Arlington ISD and the Weather Service reported:

“Obviously, we’re going to have a lot of assessments to make when this is done,” Dallas County spokeswoman Maria Arita told The Associated Press concerning the Dallas tornado.

Dallas Police spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey said an apparent twister also touched down and caused damage within the city’s southern limits, though the extent of damage caused by the Dallas tornado was not immediately known.

The weather service said “considerable damage” was reported near Cleburne, south of Fort Worth, and Lancaster, south of Dallas as a result of the Dallas tornado.

A spokeswoman for the Lancaster school district spokeswoman said officials did not immediately know of any damage to schools. Leslie Johnston, spokeswoman for Arlington Independent School District, in between Dallas and Forth Worth, said all schools there had students take sheltering and several schools reported power outages.

In the Aftermath of a Dallas Tornado: A Public Service Announcement, Homeowners Need to Know About Their Rights

State Public Adjuster, Randell Smith is an experienced public adjuster. Randell reports that many people impacted by ferocious storms like the one that hit Dallas today have never heard of the services of a public adjuster. All too often the insured party makes a claim on damages and settles for what the insurance company offers. That is why they call them settlements. But what the homeowner does not realize is that these “settlements” are not always equitable.

One homeowner reported that TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) only settled for a quarter of what it would cost to repair damages to his roof. State Public Adjuster, Randel Smith took the case and was able to settle for a considerable amount more than what the insurance company was willing to pay initially. In fact, the homeowner not only got enough to cover the damages to the roof and replace the entire roof, but was then able to make secondary repairs to the home and other structures.

The fact is that a Public adjuster can help you get more on your insurance settlement that you can likely get on your own. This is because the public adjuster works for you and not the insurance company! When the insurance company sends out their adjuster to report damages back to the insurance company, they are likely to report an amount that is much less than what the actual damages are. They have a vested interest in getting as little for the homeowner as possible.

On the other-hand, the Public Adjuster is interested in serving you! They are employed by you and paid by you! They have a vested interest in getting you more on your claim as they recieve payment on a percentage of what you are awarded.

If you have have suffered damages to property as a result of the recent Dallas Tornadoes you need an aggressive Public Adjuster who will go to work for you to get you what you deserve on your insurance claim settlement. Don’t trust just anyone to the job. Call Randell Smith State Public Adjuster.


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