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Hail Damage

Hail Damage
Hail Damage

Hail Damaged Roof

Hail Damage

Hail damage occurs when a storm system produces cumulations of ice in layers as it plummets to the earth below striking homes and businesses along with other property causing damage.

To the untrained eye, hail damage can likely go unnoticed and result in more damage to your structure over time. The picture to the left is not from the “Where is Waldo comic” it is to show how subtle hail damage can be to someone who has never seen hail damage. Hopefully this article will be help you determine if there is indeed roof damage to your home as a result of hail damage.

One of the tale-tale signs of roof damage is the presence of hail damage to a home is the granuals from your shingles gathering in your downspout gutters or heavily present where the downspouts terminate at the ground level. This is a good indication that the granuals from your shingles have been struck free and have washed down and off your roof into the gutters.

Another thing to look for is the actual gutters themselves. If you notice dents in your gutters after a hail storm then the chances are really good that your roof has also suffered the same impact from this hail damage. Common sense would speak to the fact that hail does not descriminate between gutters and roofs. Get it checked.

Does your home leak water after a hail storm? You could have hail damage. If the hail is large enough to puncture your roof water can leak in to your home causing water damage. Discoloration of your ceiling and patches that appear mysteriously can be indicative of hail damage.

Perhaps the best sign of hail damage (besides gaping holes in your roof) is the presence of small dimples on your shingles. When hail impacts a roof at high speeds it can result in damage that is visible to the naked eye. Sometimes it requires a close look to see the full damage; however, we recommend that you hire a trained professional so that you don’t get yourself hurt climing on your roof to investigate.

If your insurance adjuster tells you that you have no damage but you see these signs and find yourself scratching your head saying, “what the hail?” you might want a second opinion from a qualified public adjuster. When you need a public adjuster call Randell  Smith. Randell is a public adjuster who represents the homeowner not the insurance company. Randell believes in helping the insured get a fair and equitable settlement for real damages to their property. Randell has vast experience in the roofing industry and knows a healthy roof from a hail damaged roof.

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