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Hail Damages From The Past Is A Present Problem

Hail Damages From The Past Is A Present Problem
Hail Damages From The Past Is A Present Problem

Hail Damages From The Past Is A Present Problem

Hail Damage Public AdjusterWhen you have a hail storm it generally affects the shingles in a variety of ways. When hail impacts the shingles the protective granules that help the shingle block the ultraviolet rays of the sun and guard the underlayment from the harmful effects of the son. When hail hits the shingles it can cause severe loss of these protective granules and even penetrate the shingles causing damage to the underlayment and roof on the major extreme, and at least causing the life of your roof to diminish drastically.

For the most part you will not be able to tell if your roof is damaged from the ground without an experienced eye. Generally you will need to make a closer investigation. However, an experienced public adjuster like A Public Adjuster Group, can help you make these determinations. An experienced eye will immediately recognize the tale tale signs of hail damages which include, but are not limited to the following: hail dings on siding and or gutters, damage to surrounding objects like automobiles, trees, fences and windows. If these signs are evident, then it is most certain that your roof has been damaged as well.

Even if a hail storm has been reported in your area and you are not sure that you have been impacted, it is a good idea to contact a professional to investigate and document your damages if they exist. A Public Adjuster is a licensed public adjuster and specializes in helping home owners build claims that get paid!

Depending on the severity of your hail damages you may only need minor repairs; however, in the event that the damage is extensive, you may need to replace your roof entirely. Getting your insurance company to accept a claim for a total loss is difficult. And the longer you wait to file a claim the harder the process can be. Still, with a licensed public adjuster, this process can be simplified, even if your claim is from a storm that happened outside of your insurance company’s statutes of limitations.

The reality is that hail damages from the past does not preclude the present homeowner from seeking a claim for real damages. Keep in mind that the average homeowner is not experienced in recognizing hail damages. This goes a long way when a professional works on your behalf to represent your claim to the insurance company.

The best part about working with a public adjuster is that they work for you, the home owner and not the insurance company! Their compensation is tied to a percentage of what your insurance company inevitably pays out, and so the public adjuster has a vested interest in seeing you get a fair claim settlement. The fact is that in most cases a public adjuster can help you get more on your insurance claim settlement than you could on your own!

SO…if you suspect that you might have hail damages, or if you know that a hail storm has happened in the area, call A Public Adjuster Group. Randell Smith and his team of qualified adjusters will consult with you and then go to work to get you a fair claim settlement!

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