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Hiring A Public Adjuster

Hiring A Public Adjuster
Hiring A Public Adjuster

Hiring A Public Adjuster

As a homeowner you are responsible for the care of your home, but when there is major home damage or the total loss of your home due to things beyond your control, such as a major storm or fire, you might consider hiring a public adjuster. A Public Adjuster can help you through the long, arduous claims process that could easily go on for more than a year that would otherwise leave you completely frustrated.

A Public adjuster is experienced with the process of filing claims adjustments and knows exactly what to expect. A public adjuster can walk you through the insurance claim process and show you exactly how to recoup their losses. Also, a public adjuster is licensed by the state and adheres to all of the regulations that most homeowners have no idea about. So hiring a public adjuster is generally always the best option.

A public adjuster works on the behalf of the homeowner to help them get a fair claim settlement from the insurance companies. By inspecting and evaluating the real damages to your property, assessing the cost to rebuild and repair, and staying on top of the actual payouts, clients who hire a public adjuster find that their claims are expedited and pay out at a higher percentage over not hiring a public adjuster. This is because a public adjuster is educated and knowledgeable about the nuances of many claims.

In many cases sometimes claiming a total loss is less expensive than rebuilding a damaged structure. The fact is that in many cases new construction is much less expensive than trying to repair major damages. This is where hiring a public adjuster can be a benefit to you and your family.

Hiring A Public Adjuster To Manage Payouts

In many cases, but not all cases, the insurance company will pay out your settlement directly to your mortgage holder. A public adjuster can help you determine who will receive that actual insurance checks and help you understand how to receive the necessary money for the repairs. Often times the payout will go directly to the homeowner, but hiring a public adjuster will help you know ahead of time what to expect through the process of the claim and the final disposition of your settlement.

Another useful benefit of hiring a public adjuster is that even if a claim is settled, the claim can be reopened if further adjustments need to be made. Let’s face it, how many times have you begun a project only to discover that there were unforeseen details that crop up as a result of your initial repairs. If a settlement is closed, it does not have to remain closed if there are real damages resulting from the initial claim. A public adjuster can help you assess these kinds of situations and advise you accordingly. Furthermore, hiring a public adjuster can benefit you by having an advocate in case something like this arises.

Hiring A Public Adjuster For A Fair Claim Settlement

In addition, when you file an insurance claim, often times the insurance company will want to low-ball the value of the items in your home that are destroyed. You pay insurance with the sole purpose and peace of mind that in the event your property is damaged and your possessions are destroyed that you can have them replaced. Hiring a public adjuster will benefit you immensely when the insurance company argues the real value of your property. A public adjuster will take the insurance company to the mat with regard to fair compensation based on the real value of your property.

Benefits of Hiring A Public Adjuster

In the final analysis, hiring a public adjuster levels the playing field with your insurance company. Having a public adjuster in your back pocket keeps the insurance company from being the final say with regard to the value of your property. The insurance company has their own adjusters that will come out initially and assess the damages to your home. Often times though you are at the mercy of whoever they send. The experience level of the insurance company’s adjuster could range anywhere from very experienced to novice. With a public adjuster, however, you can know up front what their experience level is. This is important when you are assessing real damages to your home or property. A novice could overlook very serious issues that a more experienced adjuster would spot immediately. Not everything is overtly obvious when it comes to construction and repairing damaged property.

Hiring a public adjuster will help keep you in the loop with regard to the status of your claim. A public adjuster will help you by explaining the process of making a claim, handling all of the many meetings that will transpire after the process begins, field all of the emails and phone calls that are inevitable, and manage the document flow so you are not encumbered by the whole process.

The best part is that a public adjuster generally only gets paid when you do. When you hire a public adjuster they are compensated by a percentage of the overall claim, which is generally much larger than if you did not use a public adjuster to begin with! By hiring a public adjuster early in the game you stand to gain more and pay less for the services rendered.

Finding the right public adjuster is the final step in hiring a public adjuster. You want to make sure that your public adjuster is experienced and willing to take on your claim. A Public Adjuster Group would be glad to consult with you and be your Public Adjuster.

When Hiring A Public Adjuster Who Do I Consider?

Randell Smith is a certified public adjuster with over 30 years of experience in all facets of construction. Randell is a highly qualified public adjuster and works with clients to get fair claim settlements for real damages all of the time. If you find yourself in need to hire a public adjuster, consider contacting Randell Smith and the folks at A Public Adjuster Group. You will be glad you did.

For more information on public adjusters and how to hire a public adjuster you might want to visit the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters  to learn more.

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