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Houston Storm Damage

Houston Storm Damage
Houston Storm Damage

Houston Storm Damage Public Adjuster

Houston Storm Damage (State Public Adjuster).

Storms blew through the Greater Houston area Friday night bringing high winds and heavy rains. Many woke Saturday morning to broken branches and damaged homes. With creeks still rising from the run off, motorists are cautioned to drive carefully and never cross deep water, even if you know the roads. Along with the heavy rains, it is reported that there were funnel clouds present and some hail to accompany the brilliant lighting storm. Many slept soundly as the thunder echoed across town.

Initially the storm began its march through twon at around 7 o’clock p.m. moving ever slowly in an easterly direction from the Fort Bend County area. The storm brought a second blast  that caused the National Weather Service to issue Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for the Harris, Galveston and Chambers counties. Tornado watches were still in effect for Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Chambers, Liberty, Harris, Montgomery, Polk, Walker and San Jancinto counties. One tornado like event was reported in the Katy area, although it is not certain if the storm ever became a tornado.

It is reported that large hail dropped in the area South of Interstate 10 in the Katy Brookshire area and power outtages were reported to affect over 6,000 residents in tha area.

If you have suffered any damages from the high winds, storms, rain, water, or hail you have the right to have your home inspected by a qualified, professional, certified public adjuster. Unlike the adjuster that your insurance company will send, a public adjuster is independent of the insurance companies, in fact, they work for you! It does not cost a penny to have an adjuster come out and assess your damages. Generally the public adjuster gets paid a percentage of the damages awarded by the insurance company, but the beauty of having a public adjuster working for you is that they usually tend to get you substantially more on your insurance claim than you would get on your own just filing a claim with your insurance company.

Sometimes (almost always really) the insurance companies will send out their adjuster to assess the damages to your home. It is the job of the insurance adjuster to evaluate the damages in favor of the insurance company to save them money on your claim; however, this does not help the homeowner recieve actual compensation for actual damages. Many homeowners are left paying the bill and then some. This is like insult to injury considering the homeowner has faithfully paid their insurance bill. I have heard stories about how the insurance company gets their money back from you by raising your rates or cancelling you for making a claim. While this is not always the case and punitive actions like these have lead to lawsuits, it is always best when dealing with your insurance company to get a second opinion.

The first thing you want to do when you have storm damage to your home is contact your insurance company and get the ball rolling on their end. They will send out their adjuster to make the initial claim. At that time you should also call your public adjuster to schedule a consultation. If you need to make immediate repairs to protect your home from further damage, these out of pocket expenses will be added to your final claim.

Your public adjuster can help you make some of the important decisions as to how to deal with your insurance company and what to expect moving forward. A public adjuster can also help you translate the terms of your policy so that you know your full rights.

If you have already recieved a check from your insurance company for your claim settlement and you feel that it is an unfair settlement, or discover that the money they sent was not enough to cover the real damages to your home, it is not too late get what is rightfully yours. A public adjuster can pursue the money owed to you through legal actions on your behalf.

If you have been impacted by this latest series of Houston storms give Randell Smith, State Public Adjuster a call for a FREE NO OBILIGATION  CONSULTATION.


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