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Houston Storm Season

Houston Storm Season
Houston Storm Season

Storm Season In Houston

Wind Driven Rain

I recently added this post to a local news outlet  on the topic of this storm season and thought I would share it in the blog:

This Houston storm season looks like it is going to be a big one. Already the phones are beginning to ring at the offices of State Public Adjuster, Randell Smith. This year will likely see an increase in insurance claims and TWIA claims, but what I would like to offer is a public service announcement that might prove very useful to readers.

According to a recent article on public adjusters one Florida State Supreme Court Justice stated that public insurance adjusters can help homeowners [the insured] get up to 750% more on their insurance claim settlement with a public adjuster than by filing the claim with your insurance company on your own.

A lot of people have been through many a storm season and don’t know what a public adjuster is and have never experienced this kind of service before. I did not know what a public adjuster was until I met one at church and he became my client. He came by my house to pick up something and asked me if I knew about the storm damage to my roof. “What storm damage?” I replied. He pulled out his ladder and took me up on the roof and showed me things that the untrained eye would not notice. So I called my insurance company and they sent out an adjuster. I went up on the roof with him and asked him what his assessment was, and he glossed over everything that Randy (the public adjuster) had pointed out to me. When I said, “Well, what about this, and this, and this? (pointing out the things Randy had shown me)” the insurance adjuster nearly fell off the roof…lol.

It is always wise to get a second opinion. Think about it. If you go to your company doctor and say you have a work related injury, the doctor checks you out and clears you to go back to work, but you still have major pain, and you go to your primary care physician for a second opinion and you PCP tells you that you have some serious muscle injury who are you going to believe? Obviously, your PCP. Why? Because you feel the “REAL” pain. Doesn’t it make sense that if you have “REAL” damages to your home from a storm system like the one that hit Houston this week that you should get what is coming to you from your insurance company? I mean afterall, you pay hard earned money for insurance for times like these. Now that it is storm season, you might consider hiring a public adjuster should you need one.

I highly encourage you to take a look at the services of a public adjuster. If you are in Houston, call Randell Smith or check out his website at

I am not only his webmaster, but a client!

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