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Hurricane Arthur North Carolina Public Adjuster

Hurricane Arthur North Carolina Public Adjuster
Hurricane Arthur North Carolina Public Adjuster

Hurricane Arthur North Carolina Public Adjuster

Hurricane Arthur Public AdjusterThe first hurricane to be named in the Atlantic brought with it tumultous flooding along with beach erosion and loss of power to many residents along the coast of North Carolina. There were however, no reported fatalities or serious injuries reported. In fact, says Pat McCrory (Governer of North Carolina), “Things look quite good…”

It would appear that Hurrican Arthur, a Category 1 hurricane, went on its way out into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean late on Friday afternoon. Hurricane Arthur was the earliest recorded hurricane to hit North Carolina since July 11th, 1901.

According to the National Weather Service, “The hurricane was 170 miles Southwest of Chatham, Mass., at 5:00 PM EDT, and was moving at approximately 26 miles per hour. The storm made landfall and was elevated to a Category 2 hurricane at 11:15 PM with maximum sustained speeds of approximately 100 mph. See the official statement from the National Weather Association.

Much of the damage reported occured on the isolate barrier islands where roads were flooded and power outages reported.  Flooding was reported to be around six to eight inches deep in some areas.  North Carolina reported that about 44,000 customers lost power during the storm while the watch was underway. It was also reported that the Bonner Bridge, which is known to be somewhat unstable, has been closed to assess any structural damages. This is the only bridge that provides access to the Hatteras Island via Highway 12 which was flooded out.

Other areas on the Northern Outer Banks report entire residential neighboorhoods being flooded, according to the Dare County Sheriff’s Department. One spokeswoman for the department noted that “overall, we fared better than expected.”

Still this storm was unable to thwart the plans of many tourist who returned for the 4th of July celebration.

Those who were impacted by the hurricane mostly suffered water damage to their homes due to the flooding. While many insurance companies require that flood insurance policies be kept on residential properties in the event of such storms, not many people realize that they may still have viable claims. It is important that homeowners be diligent to look at all their options.

One important thing that homeowners can do if they have damage from a storm of any kind, is contact a licensed public adjuster. Public adjusters represent the homeowner and not the insurance company and so they can help homeowners who might otherwise think that there is no recourse for damages caused by flooding resulting from a hurricane. The ever-present possibility of wind-driven rain, secondary damages from the high winds and debris, and other considerations are carefully examined in a public adjusters assessement of real damages to your home and property.

If you were in the path of Hurricane Arthure there is a good chance that any damages to your home can be settled through a public adjuster. According to the NAPIA (National Association of Public Adjusters):

Public Adjusters are experts on property loss adjustment who are retained by policyholders to assist in preparing, filing and adjusting insurance claims. Employed exclusively by a policyholder who has sustained an insured loss, these professionals manage every detail of the claim, working closely with the insured to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible. A Public Adjuster inspects the loss site immediately, analyzes the damages, assembles claim support data, reviews the insured’s coverage, determines current replacement costs and exclusively serves the client, not the insurance company.

Contact Randell Smith, a licensed public adjuster in North Carolina to schedule a consultation. In some cases, public adjusters can help you get up to 750% more on your insurance settlement than if you attempt to make a claim on your own.

To Contact Randell Smith, simply fill out our contact form below and a memeber of A Public Adjuster Group will contact you with important information about the necessary steps to take to begin getting real money for real damages to your home. Public Adjusters get paid when your claim is settled for a percentage of the total claim. It is in their best interest and yours to help you get as much as is owed to you. You pay for insurance, and the last thing that you want is to jump through hurdles to get what is rightfully yours. Randell Smith, is experienced in claim settlement negotiations and has an extensive background in all facets of construction. What this translates to for you is simply this: you will have an experienced claims negotiatior that is able to recognize real damages to your property that untrained eye (or the novice insurance adjuster from the insurance company) might overlook. This means more money on your insurance claim.

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