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Insurance Claim Settlement Tips

Insurance Claim Settlement Tips
Insurance Claim Settlement Tips

Texas Fires Public Insurance Claim Adjuster Randell Smith

Insurance Claim Settlement Tips From State Public Adjuster

  • Know your policy — know what’s covered, what’s excluded and what the deductibles are. State Public Adjuster Randell Smith (A Public Adjuster) can help you comb through the details of your policy to get past the legal jargon to what is covered and what is not covered under you policy so that you will understand your rights as a policy holder
  • Don’t wait to file a claim, file as soon as possible. State Public Adjuster Randell Smith can help you file your claim to help improve your chances of getting the best possible claim settlement resolution. In some cases a public adjuster can help you get up to 750% more than you could alone.
  • Get the paperwork done correctly. Many claims are denied simply because the “i’s” are not dotted and the “t’s” are not crossed. Randell Smith, State Public Adjuster, can help make sure that your documents are in order before presenting a claim to your insurance company.
  • Keep records of all your correspondences. Make notes concerning your telephone and in-person contacts, including the date, name and title of the person you spoke with and what was said. Also, keep a record of your time and expenses. Or simply hire a publi adjuster like Randell Smith from State Public Adjuster. Leave the details to us. We are your advocate and representative to the insurance companies. You can relax, knowing that your case is in expert hands.
  • If you decisde to go it alone, ask a lot of questions. Get specific details if you see any discrepencies. Have the insurance company show you in writing the answers to your specific concerns and how they relate to your policy. Discover where in your policy these claims are spelled out succinctly. If your claim is denied, find out what clause or article in your policy was the cause of the denial and have your insurance company cite these reasons in a letter of explanation. Then hire State Public Adjuster Randell Smith, we can help you put the pieces together and go after any monies rightfully owed to you. Of course you can skip this step by calling us first!
  • Don’t jump right into the first offer on a settlement, especialluy if the first offer made by an insurance company does not meet your expectations, be prepared to negotiate to get a fair claim settlement. If you have any questions regarding the fairness of your settlement, seek the professional advice of claims expert Randell Smith of State Public Adjuster.
  • Many homeowners policies require that you make temporary repairs to protect your property from further damage that might result if temporary repairs are not made. For instance, if you have roof damage, your policy may require you to cover your roof to prevent water from entering your home and causing additional damages. Your policy in most cases should cover the cost of these temporary repairs, so keep all of your receipts and document the repairs that you have made. It is good to take photos if possible before and after temporary repairs are made. Also, keep records of any damaged personal property by taking photos for the adjuster to inspect. If it is feasible for you to keep the actual damaged property then do so. Randell Smith is able to help you get what is rightfully yours in a fair claims settlement by using this documentation to show that you have been faithful to your end of the policy.
  • Let Randell Smith of State Public Adjuster visit your property to assess damages prior to making any temporary repairs. In some instance the insurance companies my deny your claim if repairs are made prior to inspection.
  • Inevitably the insurance will send their own adjuster out to review damages. Be sure ask the claims adjuster for an itemized explanation of their claim settlement offer. If possible contact us prior to the insurance adjusters visit so that we can instruct you on what to expect and what to ask the insurance adjuster. Remember that the insurance companies adjuster is in the pocket of the insurance company, even if they claim to be a third-party. A public adjuster, like Randell Smith of State Public Adjuster works for you and not the insurance company.
  • Remember A Public Adjuster Is Licensed And Trained To Help You Get A Fair Claims Settlement. It Is Your Right To Hire A Public Adjuster.
  • Finally, keep in mind that a public adjuster has a vested interest in helping you get the most on your claim settlement as we are paid a percentage of what we are able to get. This is why hiring a professional like Randell Smith is so important. Randell has experience in every facet of construction and can see damages that might evade more inexperienced adjusters. Furthermore, Randell has a significant track record of settling claims that exceed the expectations of his clients

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