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Major Storms Around Fredricksburg Texas, Austin Texas and Houston Texas

Major Storms Around Fredricksburg Texas, Austin Texas and Houston Texas
Major Storms Around Fredricksburg Texas, Austin Texas and Houston Texas

Randell Smith State Public Adjuster serves the State of Texas with Insurance Claim Settlement Services follwing major storm damage. 

Hail Damage Fredricksburg Texas Public Adjuster

Just a few days since the downpours that flooded texas with up to 7 inches of record rains, the state is still soaked like a sponge. In central texas there were reports of baseball sized hail around the Fredricksburg area. Austin experienced a mild cold front which mixed with the warm air developing unprecidented storms in the states capital.

In Houson, residents encountered heavy downpours and flooding. Traffic was completely shut down in some areas of the city due to high flood waters. One witness reported,

“It was crazy. The wind, the lightning then the sky turned black like it was 8:00 at night. I really got nervouse thinking that a tornado may occur. When the hail started to come down I had to pull under a gas station cover to keep the ice from hitting my car. There were several motorists parked under the overpass at I-10 in Katy. It was just a wicked storm folks.”

If you live in the Greater Houston area and have experienced flooding in your home or your office call on the services of Public Adjuster. Randell Smith, State Public adjuster has his main offices in the Houston area and is prepared to serve you. Randy will come out to inspect your property for damages. With over 30 years of experience in all facets of construction, Randy is able to give a fair and reasonable estimation of damages. And since Randy does not work for the insurance company you know that you are going to get an honest evaluation. Randy works for you the insured and not the insurance company.


Central Texans woke up to some severe weather Friday morning, with baseball-size hail reported in the Fredericksburg area. Fredericksburg Texas hail damage victims should contact Randell Smith for immediate assessment of their home. Even if you feel that there are no visible damages, you may still be in danger of roof damages that can lead to leaks and secondary damages to your home. If you have a home or a business in the Fredericksburg Texas area then you likely have hail damage. Don’t waste any time calling Randell Smith, State Public Adjuster. All consultations are free and Randy works with you to get more on your insurance claim than the insurance companies are generally willing to offer.


As for Austin, a cold front is pushing through just south of town mixing with warm, unstable air, causing storms to develop. Today’s chance of rain is 60 percent in the Capital City, which will taper down into 30 percent for the evening. Mixed with hail and high winds the storms caused damage to many homes across the sate. Golf ball sized hail was reported in the Temple and Kileen areas with severe storms which brought down powerlines and causing power outtages to much of the affected area. Winds as high as 72 miles per hour were reported in some areas. If you live in the State Capital or in and around the hill country and have experienced any major storm there is a good probability that you have some kind of storm damage. It does not hurt to call on the services of an experienced public adjuster. Randell Smith won’t simply make up damages to report, but he will find real damages to your home and property and help you get real money for damages that your insurance company might normally deny you.

Randell Smith can help you understand your rights under your current policy and help you make sense of the paperwork. When it comes time to negotiate your claim settlement, Randell will go to bat for you to make sure you get the very best insurance claim settlement you can get. In fact, with a public adjuster you can get up to 750% more on your insurance claim settlement than you can on your own.

Don’t hesitate to give Randell a call today! Even if you have already settled, but feel you did not get a fair claim, Randell can have the claim reopened and renegotiated to help you get what is rightfully yours.

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