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Sugarland Resident vs. Bathroom Fire

Sugarland Resident vs. Bathroom Fire

bathroom-fireA client in Sugar Land had a fire in a bathroom. The firemen got there in time to extinguish the fire before it spread to other areas of the house, but the smoke completely filled the house. The original adjusters first assessment was that the damage was limited to one side of the house, the one where the fire was located. He therefore decided it would be enough to simply wipe the walls down on one side of the house and seal/paint the walls on the side of the house where the fire occurred. After much deliberation we were able to convince them to paint all of the walls. In addition, the AC and ductwork needed to be replaced and the insurance company only allowed for them to be cleaned. Smoke does a lot more damage than is known to an unsuspecting home or business owner. The char and soot that gets on electronic circuit boards, and wiring causes corrosion which will continue to worsen until the parts fail and the item no longer functions properly or quits working altogether. For this reason we convinced the insurance company to replace all of the electronic items in the home, which they picked up for salvage and sold at auction.

The smoke can penetrate all porous surfaces and the only remediation for those items is to replace or to seal/paint. These porous items consist of drywall, clothing, draperies, furniture, and bedding, etcetera. Since the smoke is hot and heat rises the soot and char filled the attic. We were able to convince the insurance company to remove all of the attic insulation and seal the porous roof and attic framing.

Contrary to popular beliefs the contaminants that are released into the air by the burning of paint, drywall, vinyl and plastic, and other building materials will not just disappear or dissipate. Therefore they have to be removed or encapsulated. These contaminates can cause the formation of dangerous gases which can prove caustic to humans and animals alike and can create serious health risks. You probably won’t be able to smell these gases or to detect them without professional testing.

Through our negotiations we were able to settle the claim for over five times the original amount offered by the insurance company

Project Details

Client: Sugarland Resident
Date: December 18, 2013
Claim Type: Fire Damage/ Smoke Damage
Insurance Offer: $135,000.00
Insurance Settlement: $ 714,500.00