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A public adjuster works exclusively as an advocate for you, the policyholder.

A Public Adjuster is a professional who is employed exclusively by a policyholder who has sustained an insured loss.  They handle every detail of the claim, working closely with the insured to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.  A Public Adjuster inspects the loss site immediately, analyzes the damages, assembles claim support data, reviews the insured’s coverage, determines current replacement costs and exclusively serves the client, not the insurance company.

Randell Smith is a licensed public adjuster in Houston, Texas currently working Hurricane Ike claims.  Not only is Mr. Smith a public adjuster but he has 35 years experience in the contracting business which gives him the insight to adjust claims more thoroughly.  Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas were devestated by hurricane Ike in September of 2008 and a high percentage of the insurance claims still remain unsettled.  Due to this inability for the insurance companies to close claims the need for a Public Adjuster has become much greater.  A Public Adjuster or an attorney are the only two types of businesses licensed to deal directly with your insurance company.

Just because an insurance company says a claim is closed or has made payment on a claim does not mean that it is settled.  The policy holder must be satisfied with the settlement or they may re-open any claim.  A public adjuster can re-open this claim for them by a simple phone call or faxing a letter of representation.

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Randell Smith at your service. I am a Public Adjuster, which is a fancy way of saying that I help you get more money on your insurance claims by going to bat for YOU the insured!

When you make an insurance claim for fire, water, wind, smoke, etc… you need a public adjuster to step in and help you get what you’re entitled to

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