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Smoke Damage Sugar Land TX

Smoke Damage Sugar Land TX
Smoke Damage Sugar Land TX

Smoke Damage Sugar Land TX

When you have experienced a fire or fire damage in your home you have also likely experienced the secondary damages from smoke. Even if your home wasn’t directly affected by a fire, neighboring structures emit smoke and can cause damage to your home as well. The losses from smoke damage vary but can be upwards of 2 million dollars in some instances (depending on the amount of damage and the value of your home and possessions). After smoke damage has occurred the laborious task of cleanup must commence.

Often times insurance companies will offer to settle your insurance claim at a minimum. This is because of the insurance companies desire to maximize shareholder profits. Insurance companies will settle for pennies on the dollar and leave you bewildered. Now you are left with unfinished, damaged property which must be cleaned, repaired or replaced on your own dime.

When you have experienced Smoke Damage Sugar Land TX call on the expert services of a licensed State Public Adjuster. Public adjusters work for you, the insured and not the insurance company. A public adjuster works diligently to represent homeowners with their insurance claim settlements. In many cases a public insurance adjuster can help you to get up to 750% more on your insurance claim settlement than you could by dealing with the insurance company alone. The reason insurance claim settlements are called “settlements” is because the policy holder and the insurance company must agree upon a fair market price for smoke damages. So many times the policy holder (due to lack of experience in claim settlement) will leave money on the table during claim settlement discussions. This is not so with client advocate, Randell Smith,  of State Public Adjuster.

Public Adjuster Smoke Claim Process Includes:

  • First, Randell Smith will make a thorough visual survey and inspection of the damaged property, including the presence of odor, soot, ash and other fire elements. Then he will  make an estimate for your smoke damage restoration.
  • Next, Randell Smith will help you to evaluate your insurance policy to verify your coverage.
  • Finally, Randell will negotiate your insurance claim settlement with your insurance company to get you the very best, fair claim settlement.


Why Choose State Public Adjuster?

 Besides the aforementioned, Randell Smith has over 30 years experience in all facets of construction. Randell has a proven track record of successful insurance claim settlements. In addition, Randell, is knowledgeable in translating difficult to read insurance policies.


Smoke Damage Sugar Land TX

If you own property in Sugar Land TX and have smoke damage as the result of a fire or electrical malfunction contact Randell Smith today and make smoke damage Sugar Land TX a thing of the past!


Smoke Damage Sugar Land TX Public Adjuster

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