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Water Damage

Water Damage
Water Damage

Water Damage Effects Image By State Public Adjuster Water Damage

Water damage occurs any time water infiltrates your home in a destructive manner. Water damage is caused by several factors such as leaking or broken dishwasher hoses. Leaks occur when washing machines overflow. Water damage under sinks and tile happens when dishwashers leak. Broken pipes and plumbing fixtures can cause water leakage behind walls and in cabinets. Clogged toilets can cause water to sit under carpet and tiles.  Leaks originating from a broken roof can allow water into your attic space and allow it to run down walls. Moisture behind walls from leaking plumbing accumulates over time causing mold growth.  Foundation cracks can allow water in under your house. Plumbing leaks in attics or walls can be a serious source of water damage. Inclimate weather is another notable source of water damage around window areas. While this type of water damage is from plumbing related issues, it is important to note that some water damage occurs from natural forces such as humidity or flooding. In most cases a separate policy for flooding must be carried by the insured and is not covered by the insurance company without this additional coverage.

In the event that you experience water damage the worst thing that you can do is do nothing at all. The image here is one of the consequences of letting water damage go untreated. No… this is not a picture taken from the 60’s psychadelic scene. This is mold. Mold is growth that has toxic effects and can lead to serious health problems for you, your family and your pets.

What makes water damage so devestating is that growth often times happens in places that are not obvious such as in between walls and underneath carpet padding. By the time the mold growth becomes apparent it is usually too late to control and demolition and replacement are the only true remedies.

Having your home or office inspected by a public adjuster will ensure that this kind of problem does not go left unnoticed. If you experience a pipe leak or any other kind of water leak in your home ask your adjuster to inspect the area thoroughly to ensure that mold does not become a growing issue.

For water damages contact Randell Smith, A Public Adjuster Group, LLC to inspect your water damaged property before you settle. Chances are good that Randell can help you get a more fair settlement on your insurance claim.

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