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West, Texas Explosion Insurance Claim

West, Texas Explosion Insurance Claim
West, Texas Explosion Insurance Claim

To Our Friends In West, Texas:

Our hearts break for the tragedy that you and your community have experienced with the plant explosion. We know that this is a difficult time for many of you who have lost family, friends, and property when the fertilizer plant exploded. When tragedy strikes it is good to know that you have a community of neighbors who support you and stand behind you. We have watched the unfolding recovery and have been earnestly praying for you all. We want to be sensitive to you during this time of recovery, but feel it would be negligent on our part not to tell you about the services that we offer. And so it is with wax-free sincerity that we extend our services. If you live in or near West, Texas and have been impacted by the Plant Explosion we can assist you with your Insurance Claim.

West, Texas Plant Explosion Insurance Claim

Public Insuarance Adjuster Serving the West, Texas Plant Explosion Victims

Have you ever heard of a public insurance adjuster? We are licensed professionals who serve insurance policy holders as their advocates when claim settlement becomes necessary. The fact is that we can help many insured parties get up to 750% more on their insurance claim settlement than they could on their own. Sadly most policy holders accept the insurance company’s first offer. West, Texas Plant Explosion Insurance Claims are no exception.

Listen, it is called a settlement for a reason. You must settle on the final offer and make sure that your insurance company has your best interest in mind when writing the claim check. The sad fact is that even during times of tragedy and loss, the insurance companies still focus on their bottom line. We understand that business is business, and so we are in the business of helping our clients get what is rightfully theirs by representing their claims in a more aggressive manner to get our clients a FAIR CLAIM SETTLEMENT.

Here Is How We Can Help Victims of the West, Texas Plant Explosion With Their Insurance Claims

Randell Smith is proud to be your State Public Adjuster! With over 40 years of experience in all facets of construction, Randell is able to identify structural problems and deficiencies in your home and property that result from catastrophic explosions, such as the explosion that rocked West, Texas. You may not even know that you have damage but over time the damages will inevitably manifest in serious problems with your home and foundation. Explosions of the magnitude that was experienced by West, Texas residents is significant to warrant inspection by a qualified, licenced, professional such as Randell Smith.

Randell will inspect your property for damages and advise you on the best course of action. Randell will then push your claim through the appropriate channels to help expedite your claim settlement while working diligently to help you get more money to cover the real damages to your home or property.

What Is The Difference Between A Public Adjuster and The Insurance Adjuster?

This is a great question that we are almost always asked. Once our clients understand the answer to this question, our services are pretty much a “no-brainer”.

Essentially the main, and most significant difference is that a Public Adjuster represents you, the insured, homeowner, and not the insurance company. A Public Adjuster has a vested interest in helping you get monies above and beyond what the insurance company offers. We are paid a percentage of what we are able to secure for you above and beyond what you might have normally been offered. A public adjuster is licenced by the state in which they are working to adhere to standards that insurance companies are not even required to adhere to. In addition, most public adjusters have vast experience in construction and claims adjusting.

On the other-hand, your insurance company adjuster has a vested interest in saving the insurance company money. Usually an insurance adjuster is trained to conveniently overlook “not so obvious” damages to your home or structure. We understand that is a harsh endictment but it is the truth none-the-less. Furthermore, your insurance companies adjuster is paid by the insurance company’s payroll.

Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain!

Quite frankly, you have nothing to lose. Give Randell Smith a call today and you will get a FREE CONSULTATION. Randell will explain your policy to you and help you uncover money that you may leave at the table regarding your insurance claim. Since Randell is paid for services by what he is able to secure for you above what your insurance company offers, it only makes sense that Randell would evaluate your property damages and aggressively go after everything that is coming to you.

It is really quite simple.

We like to use the analogy of getting a second opinion with from a doctor. If your company doctor tells you that you have a clean bill of health, and yet you still have aches and pains, you would want to have a second opinion correct? Well then, why would you not get a second opinion about damages to your home or property? Randell Smith provides that second opinion, and his services make a difference.


My name is Nick Covanes and I am the webmaster for State Public Adjuster. In fact, I write all of the content for Randy Smith and the State Public Adjuster Website. The reason that I tell you this is because I want you to understand that though Randell is one of my clients, I have also had the priviledege of being one of his friends, fellow church members and clients. A couple of years after Hurrican Ike made landfall we had no idea that we had any damages to our home. Randy had come by our house to drop off something my wife Erin had loaned his wife Debbie. As he was leaving, he noticed something that our untrained eyes would have never recognized. He asked me if I knew that I had severe roof damage. I said, “No.” Randy pulled out a ladder and brought me up on the roof and explained to me all the damages that my unskilled eye would have never recognized. Eventually I would have forked out 100% of the money out of my own pocket to repair the damages from what most might call an aging roof.

Randell told me to go ahead and make the claim, and when the insurance company sent back their offer (if any since 2 years had already passed) to let him know and he would handle it for us. And handle it he did.

The insurance company came back and only offered to pay us for a small portion of our roof ($1,800.00 to be exact). Randell Smith went to work and some time later we not only got our entire roof repair covered, but the money to replace the fence in our back yard, extra money for secondary damages on the inside of our home and then some! Now that does not include the amount that Randy got paid or the $13,000.00 that went to the attorney.

The point I want to make is that Randell helped us when our insurance company would not. This is the caliber of work that Randy does for all of his clients. I trust Randy and highly recommend him. You should too!

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