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Wind Damage Pecan Grove Texas

Wind Damage Pecan Grove Texas

We recently served a local resident of wind damage in Pecan Grove with and insurance claim settlement for roof damage that occurred during a recent storm. After working with the client to negotiate the claim, the client was quite excited about the results. One of their neighbors had referred them to us and we were glad to take the referral. We visited the site and inspected the damages and it turned out that indeed, their insurance company was offering them much less than what was needed for the repairs.

After we finished our work, a short time later repairs began on their home.

We had never heard of a public adjuster before our neighbor referred us. We though it couldn’t hurt to get a free consultation and inspection from them so we gave them a call. It was a short time later that Mr. Smith showed up and began his investigation. He informed us of our rights as homeowners and helped us cut through all of the legal jargon in our contract with the insurance company. Then, he went to work. We were surprised with what he was able to help us settle for. And now we have a new roof!

The fact is that there are still many people who don’t know about public adjusters and the services that they offer. Look at it this way. If you have had a major storm, whether it be wind damage, hail, tornado in the area, hurricane, or anything that has caused damages to homes in your area, you may have a real claim and not even know it. It doesn’t hurt to have a public adjuster come by and investigate damages to your home. A Public adjuster works for the insured and not the insurance agency. So if you feel that your insurance company is not helping you meet the value of your damages, perhaps a public adjuster can help, and they usually do.

Since a Public Adjuster get’s paid a percentage of what they are able to get settled above and beyond what your insurance company offers, they have a vested interest in getting you more back on your claim settlement.

To put it another way, if you went to your doctor (insurance company) and they told you that you were fine (their settlement is enough to cover the damages), but you still are not feeling well (you know that their settlement won’t cover the full cost of repairs), wouldn’t you want a second opinion (A Public Adjuster) to assess your real injuries (wind damage to property)? Nice analogy huh? But the fact is that many people will not get a second opinion on an insurance claim settlement, and often settle for less than what they deserve and need for that matter.

If you are need of a second opinion on your claim settlement, call A Public Adjuster Group today! Randell Smith and his qualified team of public adjusters are on call to meet with you and evaluate your claim. If there are real damages they will go to bat for you and help you get more on your insurance claim than you can on your own.

You could end up as satisfied as these local Pecan Grove residents who are now enjoying their new roof!

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